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Transformational Writers: Writing Books that Transform Lives

An Interactive Online Workshop with Alissa Lukara. Go here for 2013 dates. Local writing workshops also available in Ashland, Oregon

Would you love to write a book, but need a jumpstart? Do you feel the call to write your transformative journey or life's turning point? Register for the Writing Books that Transform Lives workshop and you receive the support to:

  • Illuminate your universal message and theme
  • Build confidence and trust in the value of your idea and writing ability
  • Unleash your authentic voice and deepest potential
  • Keep momentum and inspiration flowing no matter what
  • Transform "I Can't" into "I Can" and make the "I Do" commitment to your call
  • Receive empowering, positive, constructive feedback in a safe environment
  • Move your writing from idea to draft to polished gem
  • Explore where you writing fits in today's changing publishing world
The world needs the story only you can express. In the "Writing Books that Transform Lives" workshop, you answer your soul's call in your unique voice and find the safe, supportive space and feedback to express it.

REGISTER TODAY: Class Size Limited - Don't Miss Your Chance
For Writers who are writing or want to write a book: You can participate with as little as 15 minutes of writing a week.

EARLY REGISTRATION BONUSES are available. : Register Now or read more here at Transformational Writers, Alissa Lukara's book writing workshop website. Get a free writing ecourse and explore the Transformational Writers blog.

Alissa Lukara is the author of the transformational memoir, Riding Grace (Silver Light, 2007), and a writing coach. She has been widely published and offers writing workshops and retreats for memoir, fiction and nonfiction writers and would-be writers. She created Life Challenges, a nonprofit website that for 11 years helped millions in 110 countries transform adversity. As a PR executive, she implemented national publicity campaigns for companies and individuals and now helps writers build a following for their books and blogs.

"Alissa helped me unlock words I didn't even know I had. Taking Alissa's writing class inspired me to awaken my writing and take it to a whole new level. She was so supportive and encouraging that I just couldn't wait to share my next writing excercise to get feedback. Alissa has a special talent for helping writers find their special voice and inspiring them to practice that voice until it rings true. She helped me unlock words I didn't even know I had." Iris Chinook, Cave Junction, OR, The Serpentine Diary Blog

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Individual Writing Book Writing Coach

If you need a book writing coach to support your writing a transformational memoir, novel or other transformative and healing writing project, Alissa offers one-on-one coaching to aid you in write and publish your book or story for today's marketplace. Read more here at Alissa's writing workshop and blog website, Transformational Writers. Same contact information as above.

You helped me turn an ordinary sentence into a literary work of art. "Your skillfullness in turning an ordinary sentence into a literary work of art is both admired and greatly appreciated. Your comments, always presented in a kind, loving manner inspired me and made me excited about the next chapter. You have also been a wonderful support as I processed lots of emotional stuff as I worked through the book." Sue Kurth, Ashland, OR, The Boy from Skiatook

Individual and Group Writing Retreats

Work one-on-one with Alissa in a 1, 3 or 5 day personal Transformational Writers writing retreat in beautiful, rural Ashland, Oregon, home of the Tony-award winning Oregon Shakespeare Festival.

  • Deepen into writing your transformational book.
  • Open to the power of writing to heal and transform your life and the lives of your readers;
  • explore and strengthen your authentic voice;
  • renew your purpose and passion for writing and/or
  • receive focus and support for any current writing project.
Contact Alissa directly for more information.

More Endorsements for Alissa's Workshops:

"This is a sanctuary of encouragement and compassion, respect and laughs. Of inspiration and motivation to create, to write. I will always remember this place of grace, this sacred gathering of writers, with gratitude."  Tara, Oregon

"Thank you for all your inspirational comments and encouragements that have helped me to expand and grow around the process of writing. You have incredible insight, wisdom and an amazing presence about you that leaves everyone in the group feeling safe to explore, create and share openheartedly. You are a truly a gem. I have loved the experience of sharing my work with you and our lovely group for the last year." Delnora Coolridge, Ashland, OR

"Alissa supports you throughout the writing journey and gives you the road map that allows you to travel to the deepest parts of yourself --- where healing lies, and dreams can take flight." Marijo, New York

"Alissa Lukara's Writing Grace was unforgettably enriching and rewarding to me! With support and encouragement throughout, for more confidence and comfort in being who I am, the class and environment gently challenged me to surrender more deeply into my feelings and "knowings." I highly recommend it whether you've written your whole life or have yet to scribble a word. Its about going new places with an authentic and caring guide nudging and congratulating you along each step." Elly Brosius, Virginia

"Alissa Lukara is a gifted writer, teacher and listener who provides ample opportunities to help you find your authentic voice. Her positive attitude, clear writing prompts and enthusiastic feedback have given me more confidence in my writing ability. The validation received on this healing journey moves you along the path to greater awareness." Eileen Melia, Virginia

Presentations/Performance Readings

Alissa Lukara offers performance readings and presentations on Riding Grace: A Triumph of the Soul, the perspectives she gained on her healing journey and Writing as a Path to Transform Your Life.

Please direct inquiries to or to 541-324-6370.


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